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ufoIn the quilting world a UFO don’t fly around, but is an UnFinished Object hid somewhere in the sewing area. I think that in some of the parts of the world they are called frogs…. why? have no clue whatsoever.

So people are talking about theirs, how many they have and what a drag (or guilty conciseness) they are. Me – I think I only have one. Yup, you read correctly 1 (one). Ain’t I a good little quilter? The thing is that I have the hardest of times starting something new before I finished the current project. Must be the Virgo in me 😉 If you over look the occasional single try out block/s, the only thing I have unfinished is the Stevie’s Garden finished-top1top that is stowed away in a box beneath my desk along with the backing. I simply can’t find the interest/strength/guts to do anything with it. Have no place to sandwich it and just the thought about dragging it through the Janome 6600 and try to do some FMQ is beyond my imagination. Maybe I ought to find some great LA quilter and pay to have it done. Or – wait for the big “throwing trash moving rooms” and get me one of these big machines myself? If the DH got his toy car, I ought to get me a LA…right?

Back to the laundry. Have a lovely weekend.