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In Houston I shopped some in the Superior Thread both like pre-wind bobbins (never ever thought I would do that), some machine needles and a gorgeous box with color coordinated Magnifico threads. On the label it said they where good for appliqué, embroidery and quilting – sounded good to me.

Got home and somehow mentioned my little gem like treasure to Beth who said something like – are you going to do hand appliqué with Magnifico? Brave woman!

And then it struck me that these threads are way thicker than the ones we used in Karen Kay Buckley’s class and then it dawned on me – the label on the box didn’t say hand appliqué (embroidery/quilting)! Of course, they are meant for machine work…. But that realization came to late, I had already ordered a box with turquoise, blue and purple ones…
Well, they are beautiful nevertheless and can’t actually be used for hand appliqué, if you take care to dig deep under the appliqué into the background with your needle and come up right in the crease. And the ones I got matches the fabrics in the octagons perfectly  – happy stitching!

It’s so dark outside even though it’s only soon 1pm,,,horrible time of the year this is. Makes it utterly hard to see the stitches correctly. But Sam will come home tomorrow (if only for a day) – he and The DH is nearing the finish of his classic rock education with Black Sabbath tomorrow night. Coming summer – Aerosmith 🙂