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My octagon project have been going on now for quite some time, but when the Jinny Beyer’s Raijastan Spray arrived yesterday I can gladly say that I’m back on track. Got her Outback fabrics before I went to Houston, thinking that I would find some more of her fabrics there. But nope, no such luck, so when I got home I went online and ordered what I wanted from her web shop.

re-startYesterday batter dinner I went up to my studio and started to play and the same after I got back from work today. I think I have 1/2 of the 25 that I need cut out, glued, ironed and basted. The shiny middles I leave until all bottom and middle are in place.

Doing what I do (hand appliqué) is quite lonely way of creativity. I don’t know of anyone who does it in my neck of the wood. Not that I know everything, who knows there might be a lurking appliqués in the neighborhood  – but how do you find them? The Swedish quilt group on Yahoo that I know of have no appliquéing members, just patch work and embroidery. So it’s hard to get advice and inspiration. Oh don’t get me wrong, The DH does the best he can, but you know ….he is a guy 😉 At times he shines, otherwise ……

Well, lucky me who have two friends who think as I do or even better. If it haven’t been for Beth and her strip change, I would never have found the Outback and Raijastan Spray fabrics. That generous woman sent me double wide jelly roll strips of some of these and they worked 100%!!!! In Houston I found some shiny fabrics that work fantastically with the Jinny Beyers. shiny

Beth has also come up with a solution the other day for the “middles” (where four octagons comes together), more about that when even more supplies arrives. And Trish who never have seen my project, just the test octagons freely gave opinions and spurred me on when it came to threads and embellishments. I’m so bl-y happy to have these two women in my life, even though we now are back to cyber ditto since they are on the “other side” of the world.

Back to the sewing corner for some more octagons 🙂