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Nope, as I sad when I got home – I was quite frugal with my purchases. Might had something to do with that my shopping list was accidentally deleted? And that I didn’t remember what was on that lis…

Well I did get some notions:notions

An octagonal template (of course it showed to not be in my sizes), two Sew Easy pens (have two in black and white) in green an yellow, a packet of great appliqué needles, a Clover needle threader (the only one I have found that is actually working) and a packet of sew machine needles.

shinySome shiny fabrics, turned out to be exactly right for my octees. Happy happy.

fat-quarter-queenA whole bunch of fantastic looking FQs from the Fat Qarter Queen. Would just love to order some more from her, but she is nowhere to be found. Anyone know??? And – she takes great care in folding her FQ and wrap them with a color matched sateen ribbon, just love that.

more-fqSome more FQ from H&W Fabrics

fq-bundleA nicely large bundle of FQs but where they came from I don’t know. Just liked the colors.

turqHalf a yard just because I like the colors 🙂 Think the turquoise  one is from Robert Kaufman.

goldenDon’t know what it is, but I just love golden prints. Not have much use of them so far, but I might do a golden quilts sometime?

shiny2More shiny stuff, the green and red one is beautiful – 80% cotton an d20% rayon. All three comes from Quilter’s Fancy

embelishI’m so happy that I did manage to find some embellishing stuff – hot fix crystals and rivets, glittery embroidery floss and best of all –  vintage buttons! All that will go into the “Infinity” project.

kitDon’t ask me why I bought this, not my colors directly.

jo-annOn Saturday we skipped the show and went on a small road tripp  – to Michaels (like Panduro Hobby but at least 10 times over) and a Jo-Ann where I got a yard each of these fabrics plus almost 2 yards of a black fabric with dark grey swirls. But that one don’t photograph well. Will be used as background fabric on the “Infinity”, solo happy I found it too.

As you see, very very un-spendy behavior. The thing is that the largeness of the show was so overwhelming, that even though I spent time in the vending part all three days (and a night) it was hard to truly get into the shopping spree brouhaha. So even though I missed to look for YLI silks and Cosmo floss (which I’m not sure anyone had) and some more un-remembered things, I am utterly happy with my loooovley purchases 😀

Ha, wait till you see what I bough more. And noooo it’s not a LA.