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You know I managed to delete my shopping list for Houston, not an arm and a leg long, but still – necessary things I needed. Of course I couldn’t remember what was on that list….and still not do, except for Floriani’s Appli-Kay Wonder which they (typically) had run our of in the booth and Roxanne’s Glue baste which I remembered just yesterday. And today I realized that the small box of Thread Heaven bought at Karen Buckley’s class simply isn’t here. Where it is I have no clue but I could surely use it now when I’m test driving Superior Threads Magnifico threads. Well I found the Thread Heaven at a store in UK and ordered it, the shipping is more than the box 😦 The other things (plus a can of Magic Sizing that they don’t ship to Sweden) will just have to wait for like – forever. And of course, I can still not remember all these important items I needed.