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Imagine – it was a week ago!!! We went up early since my class started at 8am – Quilting Inside the Lines (Long Arm) with Pam Clarke. I think that I had been better of if I had understood what the class was all about. In my wishful thinking reading mode I read “outside the lines” and had imagine lots of “guided” FMQ on a LA. Nope, not much on the outside, but very much inside with strict patterns inside grids… Like pre thought FM patterns. Thought: maybe that is what it should be? Thinking an deplaning your FMQ before you got to the machine? If it us, then I will have to measure, calculate and think before I quilt??? Sound like a bit of a drag to me ;0

Well, it was fun anyway and I got to try a Gammill and talk to a nice ladies. And we even got a very lovely goodie bag goodiewith a great pair of thread clipper and a tweezer among other things – the both look like high quality. I think I counted out 10 tables in the class room (two machines to on table )and there was 23 of us in class I think  (22 women and one man), so we had to share

LA-class2It turned out that the one guy (orange arrow) had a wife who pieced the tops and he did the quilting and – he was good. So good that he had a piece at the show: LA-classs-member-quiltThe lightning wasn’t very good at places of the show, but his piece IRL had much vibrant colors and the thread paint was fantastic. When asked what on earth he was doing in that class, he said “learning”. That got me thinking – no matter how good you are, you still can learn something new. Like the appliqué class – at least I came away with a new way to do pointy points 🙂 And this LA class when I truly felt that stitch inside the lines isn’t my thing (nor is using pantographs), but FMQ is…. But heck knows when we will be afford a LA for me and even more – heck if I know where to put it!