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The wings of a brand new Airbus fly-me brought me over to Houston from Frankfurt. On the way to frankfurt I got to talk to the girl next to me – turned out she is the Market Director for the Nordic countries at Lufthansa and did now a lot about airplanes, the Airbus specifically. Very cool girl!

At the airport I was met by Beth and Trish, loaded the “roller-skate” (a Nissan Note) not at all small as a roller-skate you spoiled girls 😉 thought and then of to preview night at the show. The good thing about taking classes is that you get free entry for the entire show. Not only is my given name hard to pronounce, it seem like it’s hard to spell too LOL.I-was-thereOne of the isles in the vendor section and this is uncrowded compared how it did look on Saturday. Compared to Stockholm Fair Houston is immense !!!floor-5This is the vendor part seen from above:floor-1 floor-2 floor-3Early to bed and early to rise since Beth’s class started 9 I think. Mine and Trish’s wasn’t until 2pm. I had a 3hr hand appliqué class for Karen Buckley, didn’t learn that much new methods but it was nice never the less appl-class2We did the middle panel, well sort of a piece of it  and I did learn a new way to make pointy points. Always something. But we don’t have Sizing spray over here, only ordinary starch spray and that doesn’t do it….buhuuuuappl-class1On the wall on both pics is some of Karens creations, just love the one with all the colorful spheres.

Since Thursday was Halloween, very many was dressed up, these two I found so great:halloweenSadly the right hand hat got it’s top cut of 😦

Well this was it for today, will be back tomorrow. Am back at tweaking my octagons 😉

Edited: Forgot to tell that we went out for dinner on Thursday night with Sarah Ann, a very talented, creative, artistic quilter (and teacher) and super mom, plus a friend of Beth’s (Dianne?) and a friend of hers. Tihi, I finally got to hear a real southern accent 😀 We had Tex-mex the real deal, yummy yummy.

PS Beth and Trish: I still can’t pronounce aluminum foil ROFLMAO