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Sorry for the lack of posting from the Houston Quilt Show, but the days have been full, busy and long. Have taken pics, but not have had time more energy to transfer them from the camera. Is having a blast with Beth and the surprise guest = Trish from WI!!! Oh you could have flipped me with a feather when they picked me up at the airport 😀 I am so incredible lucky to have met these two girls IRL, blessed is what I am.

The flight over was good as flights is concerned – Lufthansa and a new Airbus. Young and super service minded crew. Slept for some hours and then watched a movie and some TV series. If I ever fly again, I will choose Lufthansa, that’s for sure. That is, if I can’t afford one of the Asian high end airlines 😉

One night (preview) and three full days filled with laughter, bitchin and a looooooot of quilt related stuff. I have been shopping, not much I thought, but looking at the bags of fabrics etc it is a wee bit more than not much. Took two classes, great and new insights hand appliqué and long arm machine quilting. Met so many nice people that it is unbelievable…..

Me feet and ankles are looking like swollen sausages, right now I just had a foot bath and have them propped up on two pillows. Tomorrow is no quilt show but some sightseeing and tomorrow is farewell and lordy me, I know I’m gonna cry my eyes out.

More about all this later when I get back home again.