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Gullivers_travelsImage Wikipedia     OMG – the time for departure draws closer and closer and it is so flipping exciting. I’m not an early packer, but I do have all my paperwork in order and have found the thingees you put in the electrical outlet that make my Swedish plugs fit. Need to check with The DH if he remember the code on the suitcase and the tiny combination lock for the carry on, if not we are up in s-t creek ;o I have even managed to find the softie sleeping pillow for the long leg…. Otherwise I plan to bring the only necessary items of clothes and shoes, plus toiletries, need all the empty space I can have for my shopping 🙂

The DH surprised me at dinner yesterday by declaring that he will drive to to the Airport (at 4am) so it will be done correctly 😎 John find the whole thing interesting to say the least and is totally convinced that he will suffer from me being away. Hmmm, think this will be good for dogs and humans alike, the one who will fare the best will be Sam cause he is so used to fend for himself.

I have been trying for the last couple of days to muster up the energy to sew some pouches I need; make-up and sewing supplies the least.

Sam will come home later this evening – hurray!

This time diff thing is hard to wrap my head around, so I got myself a World Clock app 🙂