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Sooo, I finished the 25 octees – the blue/green/aqua and pink/purple and while they looked quite good one on one, together from a small distance they look like this:25The quality must be due to 1) lack of good natural light or 2) the woman behind the camera ;o 

When I first saw them up on the wall (and viewing the pic) I thought it was lame beyond words, now I’m not sure at all. Maybe when they all get that small circle in the middle and them danged embellishments arrive from GB (take like forever for them to do so) to be tested, they look (even?) better??

Tired and not 100% well, I think I will retire to bed and read some in the new Fredrik Backman novel “My grandma say she’s sorry”. If you haven’t read his first novel “A man called Ove” run out and buy it  – it is translated to English, have checked it out at Amazon.uk.com so it must be at Amazon.com as well. The best Swedish novel I have read in ages, had me giggle and cry and go ahhhhhh. Simply a marvelous read.

Two weeks to go!!!