In exactly three week, I will be sitting on a plane from Frankfurt to Houston – directly šŸ˜€


Just realized that my entire shopping list for Houston is gone – flying f-k!!!! And noooo, don’t think that clouded back ups includes deleted items… just realized that The DH who was the one fixing the icloud back up, hadn’t checked Notices. Buhuuuuuuu!! I don’t remember 1/10 that was on that list šŸ˜¦

Bought some rivets for another project – silver, pyramid shaped and had 3 to spare, so while staring at these elusive octets, the thought struck me “why not?”.rivets

I’m waiting for the order of a small selection of embellishing stuff from UK, it’s going to be interesting to audition them vs the octagons and see what pops out and shines the most. Ha, never thought I would go in that quilting direction LOL.

Should have shown my new Outback fabrics but the camera refuse (due to Swedish autumn gloom) to photograph them nicely.