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I know since I’m married to one. Thankfully he doesn’t do it all the time ;-o

But Beth’s comment re. sparkling things in the middle of the octees….I had already ordered some shisha mirrors from UK (great minds thing alike?) and they arrived today.bling1But sadly I don’t think they will work, they are too thick, like 3mm or something and even with them being embroidered onto the octagons, I’m afraid they will stand out like ti..is, ungainly sight if you ask me. But, I will bring out me embroidery floss and test one. But how I will manage that with that small mirror is beyond me.

Found a UK based company (quite inexpensive) that sells all sort of glittery (bought the mirrors from them) things to use for embellishment and just ordered some different sorts of sequins – the acrylic gems seem to stand out too….. I’ll just have to go on testing until something goes pop….

Friday night is always simple around since cooking 6 days a week is quite enough thank you. So fresh shrimps, baguette, nice wedge of French cheese and homemade aioli. The recipe said white wine vinegar, but I used my newest culinary find – pomegranate vinegar! Yummy yummy. One of these days I am going to splurge on Italian real balsamic vinegar, probably to die for 😉

AIOLI: two egg yolks, 1dl olive oil, 1 dl corn oil, 2tsp white wine vinegar (or one of your choice), 1-2 tsp salt, some freshly ground black pepper, 4 cloves of garlic, some tabasco

Whip the egg yolks with the vinegar. Add the oils, drops at first and then a thin drizzle until a thick “goo”. Mash the garlic, I prefer to do it chef wise instead of a garlic press. Add it to the goo plus salt, pepper and tabasco of choise (I use both the original and the Chipotl varieties) – taste and add more spice like chili powder., you might even want to add a wee bit more of vinegar to up the tang… Bon Appetite!!!