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Remember me? bild-6I’m Diego, Jack Russel of the mostest around here. Last evening dad came home – with a dog under his arm. A Westie girl, sweet and cute as they come. He had found her out on the street all alone and mom and dad had no idea in which house she lived. They took the girl hating girls upstairs and me and cutie played chase until we where out of breath. Meanwhile mom was franticly going through a drawer trying to find a piece of paper while she was on the phone. I heard her talking to someone telling that Miss Gorgeous was in our house but due to the girl haters, she couldn’t stay and that she had no identification on her at all. Why not?, I screamed but nobody heard, put the girls in the basement and let them sit there until they are nice to everyone… I thought that was a very good idea…. So they put my leash on her and went away. They say they went round the block several times to see if any frantic person was looking for her, but no luck. So they took her to the police station… POLICE STATION??? have you lost your mind – she is not a criminal, just a runaway and that is not offense is it? So they came back home without Miss Gorgeous and for the rest of the evening I put on my very best “you stupid people” stare. Did it help? Nope. Mom just shared her comforter with me and told me to go to sleep.

But this morning I heard mom talking to dad on the phone and guess where my new found love lives? Across the street!!! She belongs to the new people living there and still haven’t learned to find her way home after doing a little run-away number. HOORAY is all I can say and mom told me that we are going to invite her over to play 🙂 After having locked the girl haters upstairs of course. What her name is? Have no clue, dad forgot to ask her dad when they met this morning. But rest assured, I will find out.

PS Moms note: I do understand why Diego fell in love with that sweet thing immediately – she was well kept and very nicely behaved – even though she was stressed out and nervous, she was great.