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Today I and the dogs feel like this:

tired_animals_01Image chrisbaker.com

The DH is on a trip to Älvsbyn (Northern parts) for the day where it’s warm, sunny and quiet except for 6-7 JAS planes flying overhead. The Russians have put on a huge military exercise over the Baltic sea and Sweden have (for once??) launched it’s air force to keep an eye on them – or ?? Have no clue…..

Here it’s raining – heavily and I’ll guess I will have to go and pick up John at school in a little while. Or he might be brave and walk home….

Some of the cotton jerseys I had ordered arrived on my doorstep on Friday, but contrary  to give in to my garment making urges, they just sit on my desk. I mean, what’s the rush when I’m loosing weight? Even my leggings are starting to feel a bit loose at the waist and a wee bit around the tighs:) Might I cheer? Yes I might.

Maybe, just maybe I might show you later what The DH does way up in the North 😉