Nahh, but my tummy. Am on this 5:2 regime (it is not a diet) and although I do have had my two fasting days per week, I think somewhere along them line I have been cheating a bit, not counting my calories properly and probably eating a wee bit to much on the non fasting days. I have lost some weight, but the last week not. Blah on me. The thing is – I get severe hunger pangs on my fasting days and it is hart near impossible not to put a tomato, piece of raw broccoli or horror – a small biscuit in my mouth. But yesterday I found a terrific online forum and reading posts I got a suggestion of not eating t for the entire day and save my 500 ckal for dinner. This was a bit of an epiphany for me, for the first time it dawned on me that I don’t have to eat anything just cause my tummy yells HUNGER! And I didn’t die from starvation. And I could manage only to eat a small portion of the dinner I cooked for The DH and John. And – when evening came I was cold. Cold?? Whenever did that last happen? Hmmm, probably last fasting day, but then after a while I was hot again. No sillies, not smoking hot but hot as in over warm. I just hate these women of a “certain age” things…to freeze is a grace (not sure that tis the correct word though) and I just enjoy it when it happens. Imagine going to bed and not having to toss the covers of after a few minutes.

So I do my sit-ups and pull ups each night and all these efforts are starting to show of = happy dance. Now I feel tagged and hopefully will loose a bit more before I hop on that plane to Houston. On the wings of steel……