Making movies of of steamy books don’t work, if it did they had to xrate it or call it porn or something. Like 9 1/2 weeks – the book was a novelty hot but the movie with Kim Basiner and …. was boooriiiing!

I am among those who have not embraced the 50 shades trilogy, in fact I got so bored in the middle of the second one, that I gave up and the third is unread in my bookcase. IMHO it’s trying to be smutty and it only have risen to fame cause the media was on to the “new” twist to modern literature.

Now they are making a movie out of the first book and the casting was reviled – are these two shadessexy? Alluring? Steaming hot? Forgive me, but I almost laugh my pants of. Dakota Jonson must simply not have been cast due to her looks, but her famous parentage….I mean, there must be hotter looking actresses in Hollywood…..Oh yea, I know, I’m evil at times, but this kind of idiotic s-t truly rocks my boat.