Sometimes I feel kind of noobish – like yesterday when I realized that I had turned that cotton jersey fabric the wrong way so that the dress is kind of inside out. Well, at least the seams are on the inside and I have to say for my defense, that it was danged hard to tell which side was which. And it makes no difference, no one can tell but me.

At the end I just had to put the bought black dress on top of this one, to get the curves right. It is a very plain piece of garment, so I thought I might put some seed pearls round the neckline. But can I find my stash? Sigh!! Maybe some gold decorative stitch (on the Janome Horizon)? Nope, wouldn’t look anything but garish. Well, I leave it as it is, plain, but fitted 😉 I found a Swedish online fabric store and – hold on to your hats, their prices for stretch cotton jersey are almost the same as if I had ordered it from the States. So I ordered some for dresses and leggings, so great to not have to go to the store to try to find something to wear, only to find out that they only carry colors your would rather die than to be seen in LOL.