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Sometimes you just have to laugh – silently inside….I don’t know if my sis still is reading her, but if you do – do you remember grandma Märta’s “evil stare”? The one that made you go oumppppppaaa and wanna run for covers? Nothing facial, just that glare at you from the innermost blackest part? She didn’t use it often, only when she thought it was called for.

I don’t know about you, but I have inherited that talent….can’t remember when in time, but the first time I used it was some annoying kid in the supermarket that wouldn’t just stop screaming and be a nuisance and when the mother couldn’t get the kid to shut/shape up, I gave it a brief stare. And lordy me, that kid shut up fast and ran for mom ;-o

I do have to point out that I have never used this “gift”on my own kids (as far as I can remember), but then they have mostly behaved growing up 🙂

Since then this “gift” have laid dormant, haven’t found very much reason to use it (the kids in the grocery I shut out nowadays or deep breathes) but the other day when The DH and I had an discussion that turned into an argument and he crossed on eline too many, from nowhere I just stared him in the eyes and turned on the Märta look for a couple of seconds. The man just did some odd gulping and went dead silent. HAHAHAHhhhhhhh, I think I have found my secret weapon for future marital arguments <G>.

Spent the day sewing that dress. Know what is so satisfying with this – it got ready in 3-4 hours. But I should have remembered that standard patters do NOT fit my body (the waist/hip ratios are way too wonky), a lot of adjustments had to be made (on the dress) – next time I will adjust the pattern (or use the black dress I have for the body part and the pattern from bust upwards), now that I know which parts need to be changed. And next time I will not use such a thin fabric (this one would be suited better for a T-shirt)…..but all in all it turned out, well wearable? Sorry, no pic – a jersey dress on a hanger?? Well it look like the pattern you saw the other day and photograph miself in the mirror? Haven’t gotten that far yet…. I’m not entirely sure about showing myself just yet ;-9 When the draped thing (without the sash I think)m6713 is finished (waiting for the pattern and need to find fabric), I will show it.

Today dinner will be real easy; minute steak, pepper sauce and some sort of frozen potato timbals.