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Was it since I sewed myself a garment? Absolutely ages! But now when I seem to loose a little bit of me and I found that a slimmed jersey dress is quite becoming. I have a black one that I wear with black leggings, but of course I could not find any more in different colors in the shops. Sooooo, of I went after work to Textilcentrum in Sundbyberg, found a McCall pattern for a draped dress, but that one you had to order. So I found a very basic pattern from Burda, once that I can tweak around to my heart’s content, a purple cotton jersey (cotton and elastan)Β dress-patternHA – I’m going to sew something else from quilt related stuff πŸ˜€ The Mc Call pattern I will see if I can find online as well as some more jersey fabrics.

But do not believe that I given up on the octagons, latest “square in the middle”:Β hexagon-middleI starched the h-l out of that light colored fabric and it helped the fraying in the cut out corners immensely. I know that they aren’t razor sharp yet, but in time they will be LOL. I had an epiphanic (you didn’t know I knew such a word, right?) moment the other day for the centre of the octagons, but sadly I don’t have an ink printer….

Well to occupy myself until bedtime (after I folded a load of dried laundry) I think I will cut out the pieces of that patter.