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Yesterday whenI asked the Swedish Lapp-Teknik group about the opening hours of the “shop at home” shop Quilter’s Blues, I got the answer that the owner have closed it down. I can’t say I have been a frequent customer, but I suddenly had a need for some FQs for my Octagons and the shop was almost in my neighborhood. Even Quiltstationen in Täby has closed and one can only assume that there hasn’t been enough customers to carry a shop. I believe that leaves us with two quilt shops left in the grander Stockholm area, both is conducted in people’s home and a bit out of the way and – they are by appointments only. I truly don’t feel comfortable to come alone to someones home and do business. I have tried it once and I didn’t like it, you feel the pressure to purchase at least something, just to be nice…

Of course I can by my FQs online as I do with 99 % of my fabrics and I think most quilting Swedes do the same. Why? I said it before and say it again – the price isn’t right! I checked out a Swedish online store and they ask 9,20€ per 50cm!! That’s 18.40€ per meter! Which land us in the vicinity of 170SEK/meter which equals round 26$. Now how about that? Even if I shop at the more expensive US online stores, I have to pay more than 10-12$/yard (a yard is a wee bit less than a meter) for collectible Kaufman fabrics. You know the with gorgeous colors and gold print? Looooove them 🙂 So why on gods green earth should I pay up to 14$ more? Even with the new USPS flat rate shipping rates, I still come out winning.  Even if I don’t get the pleasure to audition them side by side and see if the fly?

With that in mind, I just have to start look around for fabrics for the octagon adventure… ack how I dream of visiting an American Quilt shop again. Large bins smock full of FQs…vojjne 😉