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I came to a point where I simply had to loose weight. At first I stopped (almost) to eat snacks and cookies and dropped some kg/lb, but after a while the scale kind of stuck ;-p. Going on modern diets like GI-method or LFCH has never been an option – not eating carbs? Cooking two different set of meals just cause the skinny son don’t need to loose weight? Naaa, not for me. Then I read about the 5:2 diet (intermittent fasting) and that quite a few MD and scientists say it’s good for you health, both physically and mentally – you get bonus years of life (which hopefully get me to live long enough to have grandchildren LOL) and you loose weight as well. So “starving” two days a week and eating normal (2000kcal for women) sounded like something I could do.

And I have done it for 3 weeks now. I admit, the “starving” days (Monday and Thursday) for me are kind of hard because the hunger pangs hurts. I have chosen to only have a cup of tea in the morning, drinking a lot of water during the day, maybe some fruit or an egg for lunch (check them calories) and the rest (of the 500 kcal I’m allowed to have) for dinner. It works for us, cause I cook whatever I want for the family and eat only a small portion of it myself.  I even got a calorie counter app for my cell 😮 so I can keep track of the calorie intake. The award for the hunger is the knowledge that the next two or three days I can eat what I want (in moderation) again.

The interesting thing is that on these days I don’t have much cravings for anything and mostly eat less than I use to . Some days I’m not hungry at all, but you shouldn’t “starve” two days in a row so I got to eat. And to “starve” seven days a week is no good at all. Tonight ready seasoned (but Wooolfie, how can you?)  chicken parts goes on the grill with some sort of potato dish or the other.

Now, does this method work? Well so far it have for me, my clothes are looser and number on the scale slowly drops 🙂

And now of to something completely different – I think I have a solution for the space between the octagons. Need to do some trial sewing though. But first some interior cleaning of the small car. Btw, have you seen this:  Hillarious!