So I do have the principal and the process for the 25 octagons down to pat and the background will be a Moda black satin (I think), but I simply can’t decide on a color scheme. Nor what sort of fabrics to use. Have (in vain) tried to come up with what to put on the middle of the octagons (that white thing is only computer generated to show where the piece will go) and hexagonb-bI’ve stitched fancy stitches on the machine, but that did nothin. I’ve done stitchin by hand and that didn’t do it either. I cut some squares and stitched them – blahahahaaaaa. So if any of you come up with an original creative and working idea that goes YAY, you might win a price LOL.

Thankfully Sam is home for the short weekend and he liked his bandana so much that he want me to make some more. I told him he has the run of my stash, just choose and I sew. He has grown my son, that workout in the gym have certainly worked out and he look great 😀

We went to Ingarö (Fagerholm) out in the archipelago to The DHs brother for a typical Swedish crayfish party and oh holy cow, that was the very best and biggest crayfish I have ever eaten.

Another unbelievable hot day and The DH will take the boys for some go-kart outing = fun!!