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I decided to take this from yesterdays post and make it it’s won.

Well, to get even edged octagons and sharp corners I came up with an idea; printed octs , ironed them into the back of freezer paper and backed with another layer of freezer paper = something that almost is a template but a wee bit more yielding. Used an ordinary glue stick (nope, we don’t have Elmer’s here) and glued the seam allowances to the back of the template. Stitched down all but two sides and then gently wiggled out the template and sewed the last two sides down.oct-yellowAs the girls say, I think I need a stabilizer at the back, cause no matter what I’ve done, it puckers quite a bit anyhow. But can you use ordinary paper even when you appliqué by hand?? Thinking about it – of course you can’t. Vojjne, this will be the project of a life time ROFLMAO. The picture isn’t that good, the light got kind of wrong.

Time for yet one more trial hexagon and a cup of tea. And maybe a slice of cinnamon sweet bread “loaf” (kanellängd) too 😉