Once upon a time, there was a dream – a dream for a pool. Never said The DH – too much work. Sooo the first summer we lived in our house the kids had to make do with….. a bucket 2000bSecond summer they had grown some and no longer fitted into one so the stubborn DH bought this 20001bWe had two huge birches and one large pine out back = not enough sun to heat it, doubt we never got even +20C… Somewhere here The DH had a change of hearts and the next summer we built a real pool, I mean a real real pool. Might seem like a strange investment in a country where you only get to use it max 4 months if the weather goods are with us. oursBut when the wether is hot and sunny, it’s s the shit as the kids say 😉 On Tuesday evening thanks to the relentless sun and solar panels, we had a water temp of +29C!!! Absolutely heaven – it felt like Fort Mayers and the temp in the water was even higher than in the air. So The DH and me had a fun evening, bringing out one of the Sonos, some wine, some olives and bippedi bop: we sam, we danced and sang along. John came out and took one look at us and went back inside shaking his head. Our neighbor Lasse must have though we had lost our minds. HA, he’s just jealous cause his back yard looks like this right now lassesWell, to get even edged octagons and sharp corners I came up with an idea; printed octs , ironed them into the back of freezer paper and backed with another layer of freezer paper = something that almost is a template but a wee bit more yielding. Used an ordinary glue stick (nope, we don’t have Elmer’s here) and glued the seam allowances to the back of the template. Stitched down all but two sides and then gently wiggled out the template and sewed the last two sides down.oct-yellowAs the girls say, I think I need a stabilizer at the back, cause no matter what it puckers anyhow. But can you use ordinary paper even when you appliqué by hand?? Vojjne, this will be the project of a life time ROFLMAO.

The pool is still warm, who knows what will happen ;-O