As I said – I have this huge project brewing in my mind, a sort of transformation of a pice of fabric art by a Swedish artist. I do have started with some trial and errors pieces, sadly not managed to get a true picture of it, but you get the grip hexagonbIt is not as badly proportioned or executed as it looks like, but not as good as I intended either. The goal is to get 5X5 rows of octagons to set the center piece, then a whole lot of more will go around it. Now I only have to figure out how to get the octagons equal and sharp….and – get the right fabrics for it – the fabrics I bought yesterday is not of quilting quality but quite simple, low thread basic cotton. I think I will need some solids that are one degree less than bright as these or some more and absolutely more dense. It’s hard to see, but the middle squares are metallic foil upon viscose. I’m not even sure if I’m going to do that metallic satin stitch around the outlines or not… but I do love the foils.

One who has finished his latest project, it is The DH. He has made a lamp to go over our new dining table lamp2 lamp1Aluminum frame, oak lists and LED lightning and I thing it’s GREAT!! Not to mention totally unique!

Of to start packaging the fabrics for the winners of the give away.