Moving stuff is a sure way to loose things. You are so sure you know where you put them and when you o looking they are lost. Completely. Like this cone of taupe Bottom Line thread cone-taupeI turned the perfumery studio (former holding room for many things sewing related) and the new sewing place upside down without finding it. Since for this is a staple thread I relented and ordered a new one, knowing that in doing so  I would surely find the old one. And of course I did, hiding under stuff in a bag under the table….

Then my “iron bracelet” (a cute little thing John did me in daycare and an excellent way to remember if the iron is on or not) and a small wooden square bowl he did in wood craft which I use upside down with a heavy duty paper napkin on top as a tiny ironing board to be used with the tiny iron – both gone. Totally gone. Once again turned everything with no luck. And now John is to old to be doing such things for me;-)

But – when looking allover for these item what did I find? 4 yrds of Moda Marble:found

Putting the octagons was the only way to make the blue color come out right. I confess, I have simply no clue what this fabrics is bought for, but since it’s 4 yrds it has to be for a backing of something.

Today The DH took me down town and south of town to buy some fabrics I need for playing around with that new idea of mine. First 5×1/2 m of happy colored cottonoctag1And then 2.5m of black cotton and 1/2 m each of silver and gold foil on viscose metallicHa  this is going to be fun to see if my idea will fly – or not 😉