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Don’t worry – the give away continues. Until Friday night my time 😉

At times I’m struck by how many strange and bigot people there are out there….who put their noses where it’s don’t belong and beat their breast in righteousness. Oh I do what we tell Sam to do, shrug my shoulders and say “never mind” ;-p and praise the fact that the kind, fun and generous people outnumber the bigot by the thousands 🙂

I continue to work on my FMQ test pads and the latest ones are thesetest2013dDSC_0867II kept the light green T so the definition would be more visible and this pad I think turned out all right.2013e

The I did  a fast and the furious type of appliqué, just cut out some petal shades and sewed them down…wanted so see how it would look with outlining appliqué pieces and fill the gaps. Some parts turned out a bit OK, but the rest was disaster. So now I have to do some more like that one, maybe I put the pieces on the dark blue instead?

I wonder if I do all these pads more for keeping the actual quilting of Stevie’s Garden at bay, or if it really is to improve my skills?? Can’t surely say. At least I brought out the ironing board and ironed the entire piece of backing earlier on.

I wonder if the time draws closer to the day when I let the cat out of the bag and tell about my humongous secret ;-O HA, that certainly got you sit up straight – huh?