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OK, I’m so friggin happy that you wouldn’t believe it 😀 – a dream of mine have come true. Just look what The DH did for me last night


– my very own sewing space on the top floor. That man of mine, hefted two parts of the old conference table that have served as our dining room table for like 14 years upstairs without even being asked, thus creating 80X280cm long table for both my machines and the cutting mat as well. He even went down to the basement and brought up a light tube thing, put it up over the desk and connected the wire = it’s a looooove thing!. Om my oh my, I will never have to pack it all up and store the machines for family dinners and holidays. And the 6600 can sit there waiting for me to work on my quilting skills.


I have spent the entire day cleaning out the Billy cases from all left over kid stuff and then carrying up all my fabrics, sorting and stacking, getting it all into the smaller cases we have up there. I think my quilting books will fit on the top of the cases if I lay then down….and the jelly rolls will have to go into one of the drawers of my dresser….

sr3The DH is in Norrköping putting the final touches to Sam’s apartment, so John and me will celebrate with a Chines take out buffet and – we are making homemade soft ice cream 😮 No, not from scratch – bought some almost ready made stuff, just whip, freeze and whip again. Will go nicely with the fried bananas.

Lucky Lucky Me who have this man for The DH ❤ and

Darling if you ever read this – what would I ever do without you? Love ya!!!