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So the threads (Bottom line) arrived yesterday and I have run out of excuses, so I took Beth’s advice and make 5-6 trial pads with my cotton batting. First run I used the light light-greenon top and the darkdark-greenin the bobbin, but I do think I have to reconsider this cause the dark green showed like pinpricks on the top. If I use the light one on the bobbin as well, it might look better and  since  the backing is medium green with light beige swirls, it might get hidden in the swirls?fmq1I’m doing this on my Janome 6600 (sometimes it’s a good thing I never got it sold) which I have set up only for FMQ. I have Leah Day’s with bobbin washers, machingers and Supreme Slider, but I still get the pads to move smoothly and evenly under the machine plus I have the hardest of times to see the stitches moving the piece from the back position…flippin fart, I find this so utterly boring and verrryyyy frustrating.

Sam’s grades are in and he has done soooooo well!!! Yet one more utterly proud Mom (and Dad) moment.

Time to start dinner…..