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So I made the Stevie’s Garden top finished-top1and needed a wide backing. So I ordered and recieved the backing back-green. After some thinking, I decided that I wanted wool batting QD Dream Woolfor more loft instead of the cotton I have. So the wooly thing arrived and after reading the book on McTavishing, I realized that I needed some new threads. Well, I would need them anyhow since I don’t have any in the right colors. So I ordered two cones green1 green2and it will take  a while to make it across the ocean…………and when they arrive I think I have run out of excuses to at least sandwich the quilt. Luckily, my brain did some serious thinking right now and I know I have to mark it before I sandwich it…….otherwise I might have sandwiched it today ;-o

If I just outline every appliquéd bit, do I mark it for McTavishing? Bought a book on that subject and did some test on paper, but man – I am no good at this !! Might stick to stippling, but I not even good at that…. But – as I said before – I rather do some half assed job out it myself than even consider to send it out.

Well, I do now how to mark and even if the light green background will be easily done so with ………….., but that much, much patterned border?? mitred-cornerThe description on the wooly batting say quilting up to 8in apart….does that mean I can outline the appliqués and the border and that’s it?

Yesterday was spent in Norrköping, hemming out curtains and cleaning out our part of the former apartment. Not as easy as it might sound, as the “other part” have taken all cleaning stuff with them, even my things. Sam found a kitty in the basement with no collar, the sweetest thing (to bad I didn’t think of getting a pic- marmalade long had, small petite head and gorgeous eyes. Of course Sam wanted to bring it home “until the rightful owners could be found!……and though I was cold hearted when I refused and put it out in the stairwell. I said that if anyone living in the house owned it, that way they would find it. Both The DH and me, harbor a suspicion that he went back and got it. Time will tell. The new apartment though is coming together nicely 🙂