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Paper piecing ought to be a fail proof way of constructing quilt block if there ever was. But it is an art form that I only tried once or twice and gave up on cause I couldn’t wrap my head around which way to place the pieces of fabrics, numbers and seams and it all made my head spin.

But in wait for the woolly stuff to get here I need something to keep myself occupied with. First I thought I make some new cathedral windows or some English paper piecing hexagons but it all seem kind of boring. Then I found this site and decided to try Bowie since I liked the lay out of it in the picture. First take:bowie1I don’t remember on which blog I saw the combination of red and turquoise, but I liked it a lot, enough to to give it a try. OMG, I don’t know how many times I sew the pieces of fabric the wrong way and had to rip them out, not only that but managed to sew the same block twice, when it ought to have be one left and one right piece to match up….Hmm, was not entirely happy with the way things turned out so I started over, using the FQ bundles of gorgeous Hoffman and Kaufman prints I bought a while ago, thinking this just got to be fantastic.

The same thing – a lot of sewing and unsticking….but in the end I kind of got the hang of it and the last triangles went like a charm. But. The block is even uglier that the firstbowie2It’s so bland and boring that it hurts, take away the brown and you could use it as a meek baby blanket. Even John who is a sweet and kind soul (at times LOL) thought it was boring… So I’m going to pick another pattern from that site and start over, using my kind of colors 😉

In the greenhouse the cucumbers have started to bloom cuce20130601and the grape vie is growing and both have flowers and this tiiiiiiny grape clustermini-grapesBoth my tree peonies are in bloom, one of them has (after The DH ran it over wit the lawn mover when t was new) grown immensely and after the rain one day earlier this week, they had folded their petals.tree-peonyToday is Swedens national day and we are all of and since tomorrow s Friday and John is  of from school, why go to work? So 4 days of free time (except for the usual chores) = yayyy