but not absent minded ,-9 I’ve meant to take some new pics of the greenhouse, but during the day it’s to sunny and as soon as dinner is done, I seem to forget it. Will try to remember tomorrow.

After pondering the batting question for Stevie’s Garden, I have now ordered a package of wool batting since it has more loft than my cotton one. The DH and Beth have decided (LOL) that I am to use the green backing back-greenand they are so right – it goes best with the top, even though it will be a wall hanging. I think. The DH looked at me with big eyes when I told a possible fate for the finished quilt and exclaimed “are you going to give it to her??? OK hon, I re-consider, but you know that we don’t have any free walls in the house where t can go? Hmmm, I think he rather use it as a comforter in the RV than it leaving our home. Yeah, the RV is a part of our home 😉

Reading blogs is so fun and inspirational and I have several quilting ones I read every day and today I found THIS project. I have always found paper piecing very backwards to do and the few times I have tried, made my poor brain almost cave in. But today I think I finally got it and tomorrow after cleaning girl have been here and me driving my dear friend B here and there, I will pick out some fabrics to try it. The DH though thinks I ought to start some kind of project including Vatican floors…now that is mind boggling if ever…I’ve been watching the first season of The Borgia’s and how I would love to be able to take stills of these floors and work the designs into a quilt… Well, I have even ordered myself yet one more book – tis time on McTavishing and start to dream big an impossible dreams of a Long Arm – yet again….So there you go, three projects; quilting Stevie’s Garden, make something out of floors and a rather simple little paper piecing. Oh don’t forget, I promised I help B with putting in an elastic in her daughters new skirt and then shorten it….