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OK, it took a while longer to get these pics out there, but here they are:

The pink backingback-pinkI think I’m going to use for this finished-top1But I bought a green one as well that might add a little bit more oump to the project?back-greenHonestly, I can’t decide….. Since the flat rate box could hold 11 more yards, I got these new treasures as well:fillersAs always I pat them and whisper prrreesssssioussss and hope that they will talk to me and unlock their secrets LOL.

The green house pimping continues, the other day I bought a gorgeous bougainvillea:bouganthat I planted in the urn that The DH bought me 🙂 The tomatoes are thriving in our bedroom window and soon need to be re-planted again. The chillies though, seem to take it’s own good time to grow up. Like Diego ROFLMAO.

Have  lovely weekend though.