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greenhouse130520aWaiting for that huge box of fabrics (at least in my word)  that by some mysterious reason was released by Swedish customs yesterday and on it’s way to me and then – went back to customs and now it’s been cleared since yesterday.been there since day before yesterday. That box contains among a lot of other yardage, the backing for Stevie’s Garden. I do have picked out the fabric for binding  (dark brownish red and kind of taupe thinly striped) but is not entirely sure there is enough. If  make the strips 1.5yrd it might do, but I have to make it a single binding instead of the double I always do.

Since I am in a place where I need to keep occupied (not to go totally bonkers) I have started to embroider a flap thing for a small sewing thingee from Bareroots. I don’t know why, but I have the hardest of time to get even back stitch even….since it’s such a small piece I might cut out  anew piece of fabric and start all over again. And I did. Still, even though the stitches is much better, the design is still very boring – opus….

In the greenhouse right now – 5 pots with angels trumpets (brugmansia) and the buckets with cucumbers. The tomatoes and hot chilies I have brought indoors to the bedroom window where they have started to thrive 🙂 Outside – just kaboom and we have fifty shades of green – all happening at once.

Last – little Diego who just love the porch swing and jump up on it by himself