First of all – I am still blown away by all the lovely and warming comment’s I have received here and on some of the Yahoo groups I belong to. Oh my, they have made my heart sing and one in particular by no one other than the bad boy of quilting – Mark Lipinski. It made me so proud I could burst – tralllalla 🙂

Now that the top is done, I had to find a fitting backing and I did at ToB at an affordable price. The downside was that it didn’t fit into a regular flat rate envelope and I did want it in one piece, so the shipping would cost me a whooping 61USD 😮 Now, for that amount of USPS cost I could add a LOT more yards of both regular and extra wide fabrics to the box. Asked The DH for advice and he just said “go with it, if you have done something great, now isn’t the time to get frugal”. So now I have 17yrds (seventeen!!!) yards of fabrics waiting to be shipped to me. HAHA, I’ll bet that package will not slip though Swedish customs unnoticed….but as with everything else, the cost per yard is still round 1/2 of what I would have to pay here and  – that particular fabric can’t be found in any Swedish shop anyway.

Sam and me took a walk with the dogs in the morning, it certainly shows that he has been at practice at a doggie daycare cause Arwen behaved so well on leash that it was unbelivable. Oh it was lovely to be able to walk with Fiona beside me like in the good ol’ days 🙂

scoot-overScoot over – I know there is place for the both of us in that basin….