Loooookkkkkk:Β finished-top1It’s all done – well at least the top Stevie’s Garden is πŸ˜€ Hmm, had to hang it outside since there is no room inside and it’s windy so the piece don’t hang completely straight, but you get the drift. I do think I will add one single butterfly to the right to even up the composition. But I am kind of pride of myself, for pulling it all of imagine, I’ve done all that with my own hands!!! And I am mighty pleased with the border fabrics, they came out the way I had imagined. The outer one I had to splice (do you say that when it comes to fabric too??)Β addingand I worked quite hard to make everything match up. And then I mitered the outer border corners, working as hard to get them even….the only thing is that the border pattern in the corners don’t match up. But even though I have read the book on Binding and Bordersmitred-cornerback and forth, I really couldn’t figured it out. But in time I will. Figure out how you do that, that is. Now what remains is to sandwich it and then – quilt it = mofasa….family word (adopted from The Lion King) which means – the worse thing ever;-) To bad I don’t live in Utah,close to the Green Fairy.

BTW – Sam is home for the extended weekend πŸ˜€