First – yesterday I made my ver first potato bag. Well it takes no genius to sew one, although the first one came out to small to hold potatoes for 3 people – the second was alright. To be totally honest, it is the third cause the very first went into the garbage after I realized that the top thread was a poly Guterman…duhhhh. But oh my how great these potatoes turned out – never had a better baked potato ever, eve though it took 14min on 900W to get them ready and not 4-5 as I read somewhere.potatobag

The last couple of days I/we have been very productive round the greenhouse. The DH had fixed the broken window panes and got rid of almost all tiny glass shards, we took a trailer full of garbage (from allover the house and garage) to the re-cyccling station on Wednesday morning, then a trip to IKEA where I bought new shelves, a chair and a bench for my greenhouse. This is what it looked like before:

gh1And this is the result of some “pimping” :Β greenhouse130503 greenhouse130503bI’m not entirely sure I’m going to put up the lace curtains I made last year, but I probably will have to to get some shade for the plants. I threw out “tons” of old stuff, saved only real greenhouse pots etc. and decorative things. I had forgotten how tranquil and at peace I feel when pottering about πŸ˜‰ so after planting a lot of Sweet Pea seeds and making them baked potatoes for dinner,

greenhouse130503cI took my glass of wine, the Water Color quilt book, turned on some music and lightened a candle and had a just me moment = Heaven!