HA – today I put the final pieces of m own enhancement to the Stevie’s Garden – some butterflies 🙂 And voila – here is the top: finshed-top

I made some vines with flower buds:


And some clematis look alike:


All in all I do think it turned out quite well, I don’t know if you are “allowed” to put your own touches to a bought pattern, but hey – I’m not going to show it and – I think at least the last additions are if not great, great good 😀

Now I have to figure out what to use for borders…..as always I doubt very much I have enough of anything I like, so I’ll probably have to order some new. Oh wow – poor me 😉

The DH have fixed my greenhouse (two roof panes broke during the winter) and bought me a new planting table. And some cute concrete decorative things. Most of the stuff he brought outside is old, rusty or plain boring so tomorrow I’m going to IKEA to see if I can find anything new and then some. And The DH will probably be finished with this year’s MC pimping and will be able to take it out for this year’s first spin. Enjoy t while you can 🙂