When I’m not doing other more “important” things, I’ve been stitchin away on the Stevie’s Garden top and honestly, by now I have grown a wee bit tired and bored with it


😦 So instead of doing the same ol’ designed flowers over an dover yet again, I did som of my own. There in the top  – a bowl and three flowers.


OK I admit, not the best – sure need to work some on the geometry of the flowers, but if I’m not my usual über critical me, I think they are “naively” sweet 🙂 There is a matching bowl up there, so I’m going to stem stitch the stems and mirror the flowers.

There are also some empty spaces here and there that needs to be filled with flowers….maybe I can ad a butterfly here and there?

The very BIG question is – what in the name of XXX am I going to do with it? Can’t say I’m that fond of it, so I might just fold the top and hide it – it can become my very first UFO that never will be finished? Or maybe, maybe I will like it better bordered? Time to take out a load of laundry and later start on dinner. Fresh pasta with slivers of beef in a white wine and cream sauce 🙂