In a day and age when kids tend to be to chubby or fat, my kids are reed thin. Thank’s to his education Sam is developing a nice muscle mass, but John came home today and told me they had had a health check up in school and he weight to little. Not little little, but way to little. Since he is 14 and a guy, I don’t see him without clothes that often but now when he raised his sweater I saw his prominent hip bones and tummy concave instead of convex. The school nurse have told him that he simply must have breakfast (I for sure understand that he don’t) and eat nuts and bananas between meals.

I do cook most our meals from scratch and I can’t say they are free of fat (cream, smetana or coccnut milk are used often) but free of all kinds of yucky stuff like trans fats. But John don’t like cheese, almost never use butter on his sandwiches and nowadays don’t even like french fries. He does like his Cokes and in my opinion drink way to much over the weekends.

When we talked about this over dinner last evening, trying to come up with stuff for him to eat for breakfast, he looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and said “now I can eat more potato chips then?”. But I don’t think so, since even if he has to gain weight, I can’t imagine it ought to happen via eating more unhealthy stuff….

So anyone out there who have any great ideas how to fatten up the youngest son – just holler