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Remember the late 70th and early 80th? You know – big hair (or poodle perm) a la Farah, electric blue kajal and even worse – mascara. “Vollifjang” dresses (short with fitted bodices and layers of frills from the lower hip to the hem) and the arrival of some heavy duty perfumes. My friends went ga-ga over fumes like Cloé (ultra feminine and cloying if you ask me)cloe, Oscar de la Renta, Rive Gauge, Anais-Anais and – Opium opium. Non of this ever spoke to me, I went for Charlie in my younger years and later on private Collection, Halston halston and Cinnabar cinnabar. You might think that if I loved Cinnabar I would love Opium too, but it never worked on my skin. !985 brought the arrival of my life long love – Obsession obsession. OMFG, that is one magnificent scent, some might think it’s a mainstream thing, but I don’t care – I just swoon at the smell of it.

That was until 2001 when I due to illness, no longer could stand the smell of anything scented (since then learned that that was common for people with  the same illness) – just the scent of The DH’s shower gel one floor down upset my senses. Thankfully I did find natural botanical  perfumery and after some years of practice i did get quite good at it and could be nicely scented. But when it comes to ensilage natural perfumes and those made with synthetics varies a lot. It is a challenge to get a botanical perfume last more than some hours and my personal view is that ensilage was very hard to obtain.

Sadly I never saved all the bottles of perfume I have bought earlier in life, but at least I have my 90th collection kept, so every now and then I snuck down to the basement bathroom and brought out them one at a time, spelling the caps just to see if some miracle had happened and I no longer cringed. No such luck. Until some months ago when lo and behold, I could spray some Obsession on my wrist and stand it ;-D Oh heaven on earth, imagine to finally be able to put some on my neck and swoon with sheer pleasure.

So yesterday I went into a Kicks Perfumery at Stinsen mall and after selected some nice deo sticks for The DH (Gucci sport and Bvlgari) I was brave and started to smell various perfumes. But ieschhh, why do so many contain violet?? Or some fruity stuff? I found absolutely none that I would ever dream of putting on my body. Until the very nice SA brought out a bottle of Opium. At first I balked, but after trying “everything” else, I consented and what a great surprise – now not only did it smell interesting on a blotter, it smelled great on my skin. And – at first whiff I was transported back in time, to the 80th, when me and my girlfriends was getting ready for a night on the town and dressed in “vollifjang” dresses and a cloud of perfume 😉

This made me do something I never done before – I went to the Perfumed Court website and ordered some samples of: Cinnabar, Schiaparelli Shocking (why on earth didn’t I save that bottle?) Vintage EDC, Givanchy III, Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin (which I never smelled but read some good things about) and – a small decant of – Opium!

Can hardly wait for their arrival. Although right now I wait for an appliqué book that should have been here yesterday.

Stay fragrant everyone!