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I am secretly kind of pleased with myself 😉 cause I just put the last stitches into the centre piece of Stevie’s Garden and I never thought I would have the stamina to make it this far.




OK, I think the pink flowers are supposed to be aligned and the orange one in the exact centre, but me and marking aren’t close buddies LOL. I did try to make a vinyl overlay, but the vinyl I bought are too thick and kind of waxy on the surface so the markings didn’t stick. And I would never have been able to work with that ungainly piece on top of the top anyway. So I did it free-hand and think it adds to the charm of hand stitching.

All them tiny circles on the flower antennas are made according to Sandra Leichner and no mylar template, yo-yo etc. are used. I can’t say I have mastered the technique, but come a long way from the first tiny ones. Hmm, I think I’m going to unstitch the first one (on the branches) and make them a bit bigger, cause now they look very un-proportional…What i added to Sandra’s instruction was to stitch the circle one xtra time all around . it kind of help even out the kinks and creases. Heck knows where I learned that?

Next is the urns and flowers all around the vine – and there is plenty of them, so the project will last me still a while.