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So to Norrköping and back. Got caught on the morning heavy traffic on the motorway, even though I left after 9am….took me over 1/2 hour to clear my way to Kings bend (Kungens Kurva) and I absolutely thought I would be late. Haha, but as me is me, I drove to fast the entire way figuring that if there are people who drive faster than me, I never ought to be caught.

Happily I found my way through the central parts of Norrköping, never got lost once 🙂 And the prospects was nice, some more than the other. Didn’t get to meet sam though, since he and his class was out somewhere in the woods for three days, learning how to drive more heavy machines.

Back home,  after making dinner along with John, I retired to the upper floor den, to watch the first episodes of Game of Thrones. Our nephews and my MIL loved the novels, but I never got into them. Now John has found me an online site with lots of movies and TV series, among them Game of Thrones. I have now watched 1 1/2 episodes and I must say I think they are good 🙂 More than good….

Now my entire world is wobbling, think I need to brush my teeth and g to bed. Hopeful I have the energy to stitch some small circles into place on the Stevie’s Garden.