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Yesterday I read about an applique book that peeked my interest 0000642_simply_successful_applique_300. My fav on-line bookstore – Amazon.uk did have it but did not ship it outside of the UK….why one might wonder? There is one Swedish online store (adlibris.se) that I sometimes buy from and what did I see – they had it! So in my exuberance I also bought Jamie Olivers book on 15 min meals, I have watched his show and want to try some of the recipes myself – like the chicken, pancetta and guacamole sub 😉

So shipping….when I order from Amazon the books normally arrive within a week – give or take. When I order stuff from the USA it usually take between a week and 10 days. Now I have ordered from a Swedish company and one would expect a quicker turnaround. But oh no, it takes 2-5 days for them to ship and then 2-3 days for the postal services to deliver the package…Well, that’s Sweden for you in a nutshell;-p

Today is sunny but cold (-6C) and there is a thin layer of snow on the cars. I opt to stay indoors, do several loads of laundry (did 2 yesterday) and practice on my stem stitching . Can’t for the life of me understand how something so simple stem_stitch-LGNcan be so hard to work out right… The furry gals are sunning and snoring on our bed, John is still asleep and The DH is making a narrow shelf that will go over the head board of our bed. The new alcove is so narrow that there are absolutely no room for a bedside table. Lucky me who have such a creative and handy husband 😉

Happy Sunday!