The top floor of our house is quite big, but only consists of two rooms with doors – a small one and one fairly large master. Then there is a large “den” with no doors, just drapes. When the kids moved out of the master, Sam got the small room and John go the den, but he have for the longest of times dreamed about a door to close.

We/I have been thinking of a lot of different solutions, but last evening when we tried to come up with a birthday gift that didn’t include any sort of online gaming, we first came up with the idea of putting up walls instead of drapes and a door. But my what a project and the room would e kind of smallish and darkish. So – why don’t we let him have the master I said, I don’t care if we sleep behind the drapes instead of a door and John will get a large room with space for everything…..including the dogs 😉

So I have been at it from 7,30 this morning, cleaning out bookcases and wardrobes….you have no idea on how much old stuff there can be if you never clear it out…or you certainly can. I have filled 5-6 large plastic sacks, moved the contends of two wardrobes in to the small walk in closet in Sam’s room. Well, the guy don’t live here very much, so I would like to see him complain about that LOL. John and I went to IKEA and to put it mildly, I don’t think any of my sons will end up as interior decorators LOL.

After a brief rest, time to move the rest of my clothes. The Dh will fix the cables for internet and satellite TV into Johns new room when he get home. More later.