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Slowly getting on with Stevie’s Garden – now the second side of the urn is done two-birds1 So far I have marked the back fabric with a Sew Line pencil, but have the hardest of times to keep the appliqués just on the line and if I failed, it is almost impossible to get the lines out….the eraser that comes with the pencil don’t work very well. So I decided to try a method mentioned on the Appliqué group – a vinyl overlay.

vinyl-overlay But heck and damnation, no one of my permanent markers dried up at once, but smudged. Good thing it was on the vinyl and not the fabric….

We had our very good good friends over for dinner last night. I had spent 2 hrs clearing away all the sewing stuff, DH stuff and other things from the dining table (a former conference room table – huge) and brought out the good china (Villeroy & Boch “Grey Pearl”) and crystal glasses (Swedish: Kosta Boda “Chateau”) . And I got these lovely tulips

What did we have; Chipotle mixed nuts, Bruchetta, filet of pork Jamie Oliver style (you cut up the filet in appr 3cm slices and bang half a slice of parma ham on the top so it sits firmly, fry in olive oil for 2-3 min on both sides, season with salt and freshly ground black pepper on the non-ham side. Then put in sage leaves to fry at the) with two sorts of potato salad, some greens. Desert diced mango and pineapple fried in butter and sugar, served with vanilla ice cream and to die for small brownies. All home made 😀

Diego found a new friend in Sammie, who also is a JR, but several years Diego’s senior. Oh my, they where at it for h-o-u-e-r-s and in the end we had to separate them and get them to chill out.

Sam is back in Norrköping (The DH drove him and his bike) and as always feel a bit sad, but I cherish every minute he was home. And – Easter leave is only 4 weeks away 🙂

John told me he thought the dining room table look very nice now and I have promised him to try not to clutter it up for a while LOL.  So I just have to just cut out freezer paper templates that isn’t already done and might have to stick to painting my nails instead