Today I have finished a bit of the centre piece of Stevie’s Garden half2 half1


Couldn’t help but wonder about the sanity of cutting up perfectly good fabrics into little pieces, only to sew them on to something else… Like those tiny berries…I did them according to Sandra Leichner – no templates, no drawstrings, just draw the circle on the right side of the fabrics, needle turn around that circle and stitch as you go along. I can’t say mine are perfect, but probably will be when I reach the top of the design LOL.

Now I have the other side of the run to do and then the flowers that goes int the urn. After that it’s a lot of flowers here and there and some in small pots. Now a bit of reading.

Sam is still home and if I am persuasive enough he will be until Sunday when The DH can drive him back to Norrköping with his gaming computer and bicycle. Let’s home that  is a good “treat” as any 😉