During all these years I have been on the net, purchasing things here and there, there has always been one company, one seller or one artist that don’t ship outside of the USA!! Whyyyyy????? It can be certain notions, a special thread or some pattern,,,,isn’t my Swedish krona worth as much as your American dollar? It truly galls me – I want to buy a tiny bias strip maker; a narrow1/8 one and it’s brother the 1/2 inch one. But even if they are sold from Amazom UK, they ship from the US – but not to me!!! The threads I have coveted at times, but they don’ ship internationally due to…”some blidder bladder of some sort). I have found wares at eBuy that I want, but they don’t sell internationally. And now I found some patterns from Sandra Leichner that I dearly would like to have in my pattern stash, if only she had shipped to Sweden. Why? Why? WHY!!!! Are our money tinted? Are you jealous cause we are a Kingdom? Do you think it’s extra hassle to bring international shipments to the postoffice? If you have to go you have to go……SIGH!! It’s the same stupidity that some vendors tries to cheat us “dumb europeans” with, you know those who base their international sipping on the sum of money you have purchases for, not the weight….Does USPS have different rules or???

Apart from that, that is someone I would love to take a class from if ever….oh my….If she only could get them birds out of it…..I.Simply.Don’t.Like.Birds. Said under clenched teeth ;-p

After all is done, I am stitching away on the Stevie’s Garden, musing over the wisdom of cutting up fabric into small peaces (like 1.5cm diameter circles) and then sew them back in another place. Not only that, having absolutely no plan on what to do with the project when it’s over and done with??? Sane? Not much LOL. At least I have been brave to let go of the pattern in that sense that I have given one of  the birds (;-o) a yellow beak and plan to put some stitchery in it’s tail.

Time to draw the cover over my head and sleeeeeepppppppp.