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You know, at times The DH is a very smart man = a truly wise guy! After having trying to tie myself in knots (in vain) to please some people for two days now, he looked me and said “Wolfie, you can’t go about trying to do what other people expect of you – you just have to be you and do what’s right for you…..not for someone else…..go your own way….

Is he right or is he right?? During my appliquéing umpteens of green leaves in place, I had a looooot of time to think and I came to the conclusion that what matters for me top most, is my family consisting of 3 more people and three dogs. And if you have issues with that, well go ahead – make my day 😉 I mean, what kind of mother and wife would I be if I put someone else in the first room?? The last 16 years or so I have tried my damnedest to be the best mom there is and heck if I’m going to stop now. If you ask The DH he will probably say I’m the best wife ever – imagine what would happen if he didn’t? ROFLMAO

I have done some loads of laundry, cooked nice dinners (pork schnitzels with fried potatoes and gravy yesterday and racks of lamb with gratin aux potatoes today) and put them leaves into Stevie’s Garden. I did find some room for some more along the vine, but tomorrow that part will be finished and I can start on the centre piece. How exiting!!! Urn, birds, flowers and some circles….new challenges 🙂

Pictures of all them leaves will be shown tomorrow.

Oh, I go a secret, I got a secret, I got a seeeeheeecreeeetttttt 😀