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Some people love their kids in a more tepid way, but you who knows me know that mine is piping hot.. And therefore my heart flips over and I get a bit teary when Sam goes back to his home away from home. Oh how my heart has sung with joy to have him home for two days and my eyes pooled over when I watched him leave through the hallway window. When I said that I will miss you, he told me that it isn’t that far until he get home during a bit of  the winter leave. And he is right, it is only some weeks (I think it’s two) until then.

John came down a bit later, took one look at me and said “are you sad?”. Well, I said – I’m always a bit sad when Sam has gone back to Norrköping. But, said John – you still have me!! Oh yah, lucky me, but still – you will leave me in a couple of years too. And then it’s just dad and me and the dogs here ……OK, said John “- but I think I will take Diego with me anyway” 😉 Hihi, he is already planning for the future that one….

Honestly, I do have a very difficult time imagine just me and THE DH and some furry babes…..but then again – that’s life…you don’t want your kids to live with you like forever, but do have a life of their own. But it will be empty nevertheless and who will I have these wonderful conversations with then ???? The DH is fun at time, but certainly not 24/7. But then alas – who is?